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Use Case Examples

A selection of our ready-to-use Templates

Visual SEO Analysis of the Top 5 URLs

This App provides a comprehensive analysis of the top 5 ranking URLs compared to your own website, using Google Organic Serp and Website Screenshot data extenders.

Social Media Content Generator [Full Month]

With just the input of your Brand's Website URL & goal, this template provides a comprehensive list of 28 unique content topics, each with a tailored, long-form caption.

Social Listening Template

This App gathers real-time trending topics, analyzes consumer sentiment, distills key insights, detects potential crises, and identifies influential figures.

Competitor Analysis Template

This App offers a comprehensive analysis of a competitor's LinkedIn performance metrics and Google keyword rankings to help companies in improve their own strategies.

Seo-Friendly Blog Article Writer

This App is able to develop a competitive blog outline optimized to surpass Google SERPs, generate engaging content for each of the dedicated sections & more...

Marketing Plan Template

This App is designed to streamline and systematize the strategic planning process for businesses. It operates systematically by executing a sequence of strategic steps.


All AI Systems at your fingertips

Simply choose between ChatGPT, Mistral AI, Claude, Gemini, StabilityAI, Perplexity AI and many others from the drop down menu in our app. Build multi-step-AI-workflows, combining as many AI Systems as you want!

Bulk processing

Import data by uploading your CSV and export to CSV or Google Spreadsheet.

Automate your AI Workflows

With Zapier and promptmate.io, you can automate multi-step workflows, zapping your promptmate.io results from Socials to Activecampaign, from Gmail to Google Sheets, from Twitter to a WordPress posts and so on.

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Our team has been working tirelessly on bringing amazing templates to you. The Use Cases are endless, and the best place to start building your own Apps is by exploring our Public Templates. You can also edit all templates and tailor them to your specific needs!

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