How and for what to use

Generally said, Promptmate is your go to tool for Batch / Bulk Processing. We have created Promptmate with everyone in mind, who wants to speed up lengthy processes. It is especially great for reoccuring tasks, but even for once off Use cases PromptMate can save you 80% of your time!

With Promptmate, you can create your own Apps that are perfectly tailored to your use cases, which means you can automate repetitive processes and save them as templates to use again for your next use case. You can also use or get inspired by public templates.

When we say App, we are refering to a task or chain of tasks you can perform by combining the different features Promptmate offers. These are: using or combining different prompt providers such as ChatGPT or Google PaLM (Bard) or StabilityAI (for image generation), adding a CSV file to your request, adding and combining different data extenders as well as adding multiple prompts and combining different prompt results in order to achieve a unique and more personalized result. You can also select your output language.

If you are still not sure how and what to Promptmate for, watch the video below.