Use a public template

You can use the public templates already set up or browse through them for inspiration on how to use Promptmate. Clicking on “Use Template” does not cost any credits. How many credits are charged per row can be seen on the bottom left once you clicked “Use Template”.

Usually, every public template has a video which explains, how the template works.

If you have understood how it works and what it does, you can simply use the template by inputting the relevant source such as website address in the input field and click “Run” on the bottom right.  

If you want to edit the app, click on “Edit App”. Here, you can change the prompt chain and prompts if desired.

When you click “Edit App”, after you have added your Input and have clicked “Save & Add Prompts”, make sure to refesh the data extender. To do this, click on the actual Data Extender Button then click on “Edit Extender”. Then simply click on your Input fields bar and then once the “Input Fields” shows us, click on it. This will refresh the input field.

To run the individual steps, you need to click on “Save & Test” one step after another.

IMPORTANT: Always download your result as promptmate does not save it. You can save your adjusted template, but the results from your previous use of the template will be lost if not downloaded.